The Best CMS Development Platforms To Start A Website in 2020

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Want to develop a website? Well, things have become easier! CMS development services have paved the way for creating a website without hassles.

Content marketing has played a notable growth in the business during the past few years. To survive the cut-throat business competition, a majority of the firms create their website on a CMS platform. The CMS, often known as the ‘content management system’, enables an easy functioning of a website and simplifying the process of content modifications.

If you are looking for ways to publish and manage the content without hassles, hiring the assistance of a professional CMS development service provider can be a profitable decision.

Take a Look At The Best CMS Platforms to Start a Website in 2020!

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WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMS platforms to build a website among global organizations. WordPress CMS development is one of the simple and most effectual content management systems. The WordPress platform comprises around 55000 plugins and it will make your website work better and in a proper way.

  • Enables you to create content without hassles

  • Facilitating automatic publishing with the WordPress assistance

  • Countless availability of themes and plugins

  • Though it was developed for blogging activities, it has the potential to adapt to the changing business needs

  • Highly user-friendly and would be the best platform to start with, especially if you are a beginner

  • WordPress is responsive and is believed to enhance the website ranking on search engine results

  • They usually contain an in-built blog

  • Renders the best support by releasing secure and updated features

One of the prime demerits of using WordPress is that you need to merge various plugins at times, for extracting the desired functionality.


When discussed the top CMS platform for creating a website, Drupal is one of them. Drupal website development provides a flexible structure that is essential to manage customized posts. It has the ability to offer a complete control over the users and will assist you in managing the multi-language website.

  • Possesses the finest ability to create and manage different types of content

  • Consists of a flexible design that is effectual for content-based websites

  • Enables hassle-free modification and adjustments to the customized website features

  • Has the notable feature of being SEO-friendly

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Another crucial platform to be considered in 2020 is the Magento website development. Though Magento originated in 2008, it has accomplished a rapid prominence over the past few years. A majority of the successful business organizations worldwide prefer to use the Magento website development to meet their end-to-end business needs. Magento serves as the best promotional and marketing tool for a business firm and can easily reorganize with Google, PayPal, and so on. If you are into an eCommerce business, try using Magento website development services.

  • It is a versatile platform that manages content easily

  • User-friendly Magento shopping carts and can be easily viewed on smartphones or tablet

  • It is beneficial to maximize the organic traffic

  • Comprise of dynamic and numerous search features that enable quick filtering of products

  • Various levels of customized security features

  • Maximizes the user-experience and brings an overall increase in the sales activities


Joomla is one of the most recognized CMS platforms and will gain a huge relevance in 2020. Though Joomla might not be user-friendly, when compared to WordPress, it can act flexibly in certain aspects. Apart from text features, Joomla offers many other features when it comes to the concept of user management. Joomla CMS development brings countless and striking opportunities. When using Joomla CMS development, you needn’t get more plugins for adding more languages to your website. Here’s a list of certain predominant Joomla features:

  • Creative range of user-management options

  • Offers the best multi-language support

  • You can use unique templates for each page

  • Making the process of blog publishing easy

  • Robust user community

  • Numerous templates


Apart from the above-listed CRM platforms, a few other established platform to develop a website includes WIX, DOT CLEAR, Square Space, and so on. The changing world of technologies is bringing up more platforms that need to survive the competitive thrust.

To be precise, the WordPress CMS development services are increasing in demand, thereby, leading to the outgrowth of WordPress outsourcing companies worldwide. The CMS web designs need to be contemporary and unique, for engaging your business audience.

Hope this article would have solved the mystery of choosing the best CMS platform to meet your on-time website needs.

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